One stunning voice

Deanna Wheeler, Cali-turned-Texan siren, is aimed directly at the world’s greatest stages and coming at ya armed with a barnstormer of a new record. New tracks have been recorded and are in the process of being delivered directly to your favourite streaming service as we type.

International Representation:
Warren Wyatt – Worldsound US / Worldwide
Adam Mills – American Artiste UK/Europe
Olesya Star – Wildside PR (Worldwide)

One hell of a kick start....

Deanna Wheeler is a country music artist with a powerhouse voice and an amazing story! She wears her heart on her sleeve with classic country sounds mixed with a fiery pop/country flair! While she was serving for the Air Force in Afghanistan in 2009, she was critically injured and sent home. In the years that followed she found love and she found heartbreak. She experienced the devastating effects of PTSD in her own home, which most importantly, allowed her to find herself. She didn’t know how strong she was until she picked up her 3 wonderful children and moved across the country from California to Texas, where she found music.

In 2017 Deanna started recording her album. She was one mix session away from completing her first album, when on Mother’s Day 2018 she’s got urgently hospitalized and put on life support. It turned out, Deanna had developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome that paralyzed from the neck down. With the amazing help of her family, friends, donors, and fellow veterans she took her first steps 6 months later with a renewed passion for life. 

She has since finished that album, performed with too many incredible artists to mention, hosted a TV show and a Podcast. Deanna’s most recent single, “Whiskey Weather,” has been climbing the radio charts with T3R’s highest debut ever! She is known to perform electrifying shows with non-stop hair-flippin, high-kickin, country rock-fest – guaranteed to have everyone on their feet, having the time of their lives.

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Closer to the flame

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Warren Wyatt // Worldsound USA

Adam Mills // American Artiste UK

Olesya Star // Wildside PR